Lucile Russing

Lucile Russing

Costume Maker

Originally from America, specifically North Carolina, I came to the UK to study at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama with a particular focus on costume construction. My delight for costumes began about 8 years ago, when I started making cosplay as a hobby, which led me to volunteering at local theaters and learning more about how costume plays into a larger industry.

Since graduating, I’m looking to stay and work in the UK, and my long term goal is to work in the film and television industry as a costume maker. However, considering I don’t have much experience yet, I believe working as or trainee, not only in film/tv but all facets of the industry, will prove invaluable. I’m excited to learn and develop new skills, and be part of a team that creates beautiful and unique productions.

During my time at university, I’ve found I especially enjoy making 20th century costumes, as well as working with contemporary costumes, either through the breakdown department or working on-set. I’m very hardworking and terribly enthusiastic about costumes, so my free time is usually spent creating more cosplay, expanding on skills that I may be less confident in, as well as learning more about leather work and tailoring specifically.

Outside of costumes, I’m an avid writer and reader, figure skater, dancer, and lover of all things wacky and wild.


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